Sycamore Grove Park in Livermore

Okay, so Lindsey called me up and wanted some photography of her and her brother for their parents Christmas present. Actually, let me back up a minute. I did an experimental shoot several weeks ago…conceptual family portraits. I love the idea and need to perfect the translation from what is in my head to what the finished product will be. Sort of a whimsical concept of what family life is to the individuals in the image. But I digress and will fill you in more on that later.

Lindsey saw some sample shots of these conceptual shots. The gal in the conceptual shot knows another gal who I did work with. This second gal knew Lindsey and so that is how she got to me. Whew! Did you get that? Weird how people get to me 🙂 We did a sweet brother and sister shoot at Sycamore Grove Park in Livermore. The idea is to have a lovely framed print for the parents at Christmas.

Here are two individual shots that I took some creative post processing liberties with. While they don’t really “fit” into the family portrait theme, I still really like them…

Of course, never forget the outtakes…sometimes those are the best ones! And yes, I took some post production creative liberties here as well…

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