I small leave of absence….

Hello everyone!

I wrote this in the previous blog post, but I think it is not getting read…dag nabbit! ­čÖé I thought I would give it it’s own little blog entry here. After trying and trying, I have finally succeeded in becoming pregnant. Whoo hoo!!! My due date is August which means, unfortunately, I will have to sit this whole summer out and not take on any large photography assignments. I kinda feel like I am a kid on restriction and have to watch all my friends having fun from the living room window. However, in this case I will be richly rewarded…and I cannot wait!

Anyhow, I will need to put my camera on the shelf until mid to late  September or so. Still cannot believe I am going to miss a whole wedding season! I will have to pacify myself by taking pictures of my crazy dogs and their antics until I resume with the real world.

Also, I have moved to the Sacramento area for awhile. Once I get my photography legs back, I will still service all sorts of weddings all over the Bay Area, Napa, Sacramento, and Central Valley, so don’t hesitate to contact me about your upcoming day!!

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