A couple weeks ago, I packed up my two year old and headed out to visit friends in Idaho….road trip!!!!! In case you didn’t catch that…ROAD TRIP WITH A TWO YEAR OLD!!!!

Actually he is a great rider and good company…Well unless he is not a good rider and in that case, not great company.

We took our time going and stopped at local parks. Once there I met up with my friend and took some images of her daughter.

I improvised with the lighting. I was backlighting and needed a thinner material to diffuse the window light than the curtains provided.  I grabbed a shower curtain, which was a thin white material, and it was the perfect light modifier! The fill light was a flash with an umbrella off to the side and  her mom held a reflector on the other side. My son was the vigilant photography assistant. This was a true group effort.

Afterwards, I packed up my 2 year old and we did a day trip to Glacier Park in  Montana. Super fun…even saw some mountain goats. Traveling the road was seriously nerve racking! The narrow two lane road wound around the mountain with just a little rock barrier between me and certain death. yikes!

As we wound down our trip in Idaho, my beautiful son took in some light reading. He loves books! So I made a wee series of them.

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