Family portrait

When this young man came in with his mother, I was astonished how much he looked like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean seriously? This young man was all of 12 years old. I am not entirely sure he wanted to be there, but the connection he made with the camera was unreal.

Momma of young Leo was striking in her own right; gorgeous blond hair, luminous blue eyes and such a delightful personality. Lovely and gracious. Julie , our make-up and hair artist, just brought the package together perfectly.

Looks aside, these two were definitely mother and son as there was a ferocious love between them which is really what portraits are about.  They will have some new art to decorate their walls with for sure. Family portraits are something that really shouldn’t be put off. Capture your loved ones now. This will never be a purchase you regret.

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