Birth and Beauty

If you have followed my site or blog at all, you will see some differences occurring. These are very exciting changes for me and hopefully for you.

I am redirecting my sweet little business. I love photography. I am passionate about it. If everyone just sat and thought about what they love best and then pursue that, practice it, live it, breathe it and mold it into a little business, I think our society would be a happier one.

I have a little boy all of 2 years old. It would be so much easier to go to a 9-5 and not worry about marketing, equipment maintenance, seminars, practicing new posing and lighting. It would be so much easier, not to worry about liability insurance, medical insurance, equipment malfunctions and finding a sitter in the middle of the night when there is a birth to photograph. Did I mention worrying about website maintenance, keeping images fresh, writing new blogs, paying the mortgage each month, having a social life and being a mom. Why would I do this? I could just come home from working a shift and not worry about anything…no deadlines to meet and no inquiries to respond to. Just relax with my son. I chose to do this.  I do this because I love it. I love image making and while I may not love all those little worries that come with it, I do it all to satisfy both myself and my creativity and make beautiful images for people.  It is my little business, my little creation and it’s something I can do for people that can make a difference. Making beautiful portraits or shooting the miracle of life as it unfolds makes a difference in a persons life.



The image above will be with this momma forever. A tiny moment in time that nobody else saw. That tiny baby when grown up will have that image of her mother and their first kiss to keep her warm at night long after she has had her own children. You can’t tell me, this one image doesn’t make a difference in a persons life. I know it does and that’s why I do this. This is why I have my sleepless nights worrying about those little stresses a mentioned above.

So whats is all of this about Birth and Beauty? Instead of trying to please everyone with different types of photography, I have decided to specialize in Birth photography and Beauty Photography.

First off, birth photography is so special to me that it is so hard to put into words. It is not just blood and gross stuff. It’s not just a woman giving birth. There are so many misconceptions out there. What birth photography is, is beauty. It is the emotion so very present. It is the interaction of the people there witnessing the event. It is the pain, the struggle, the excitement, the feeling of jumping out of your skin…all of that is captured…all those wonderful, scary and overwhelming feelings are all there and captured to tell the perfect story. It’s so much more than a physical act. To be able to document that. No, document isn’t the right word…to be able to bear witness and tell a unique journey on film is unbelievably gratifying and to have that for your very own…well, let’s say I would have given my pinky finger to have had that with my own son.

Beauty portraits holds a big space in my creative soul. Beauty portraits come wrapped in a family portrait, a child’s portrait or a contemporary portrait that celebrates you and where you are right now in your life. When is the last time you had a professional portrait of yourself, you and your children, your mother or your significant other? Photographs are so important in our lives.

Does that mean I no longer offer wedding photography? Heck no, but I only take a few a year since I still do love them!




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