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I do apologize for not taking the time to blog sooner. I have actually been doing several photographic projects lately and am on call presently for two births coming up. Super exciting as I love birth photography. This is not; however, what this post is about.

Often times I have people ask me why/how are you different? Some say, I just have our neighbor come over and take pictures of our family with his camera. No, he isn’t a professional photographer or anything, but its good enough for us. What is so great about professional pictures?

I am here to tell you this…if it is truly not that important to you to have beautiful images to pass down to your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, I am in no way in a position to change your mind.  I can’t “sell” you on something that you do not value. There is nothing wrong with that at all. For some people, having photographs is not important or just snapshots are fine…and that’s ok! For me personally, I wish I had more portraits of my family…my mother, my grandmother and great grandmother. Sure I have many snapshots of my mother and grandmother (sadly very few of my great grandparents), but I love to see them at their best…you know those old black and white, beautiful vibrant professionally done images? I LOVE those. I frame those and have them throughout my house (mixed in with some favorite snapshots).  That is what I long to bring back to people. Get those images off your computer, print them on beautifully archived paper, put them in a favorite frame and hang them proudly in your home. I love that. I love the sentiment of well done portraits.

This is how I am different. I want the experience to be one you love. I want to get to know you and whoever you want photographed. Maybe you want a beautiful image of where you are right now in your life, an image of you and your children or you and your partner or maybe a girls day out and you bring your girlfriend(s) in and be photographed individually and all together. I want you to exist in pictures.

Lets plan a photographic session around your loves. First we chat about what I offer, then we have a consultation. Don’t let that word scare you…it really is just talking about how you would love to be photographed. We talk about wardrobe, hair and makeup and the style you like. We talk about the products I offer, the pricing and then we set up your specialized session. You come in early to get your hair and makeup professionally done, have some snacks, a glass of champagne or sparkling water. We then go into our session and I pay close attention to posing and making sure you always look your best. These sessions can take up to 2 hours (not including hair and makeup), but we take breaks to get something to nosh on here and there.

After you are all done dressing up and feeling glamorous, take the rest of the day to celebrate you! I will be here going through each image making sure it is the best of the best.

Once I have selected the best images of the day, I hand edit each one. Print them and invite you back within two weeks to view and order your gorgeous portraits. You only buy what you truly love.

I am in the process of making a video of the session below to give you a look behind the scenes of making your portraits. I will post that when I am through. For now, please enjoy these gorgeous portraits.

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