Meet Leona Darnell

When you sit with yourself, quiet and undisturbed, and pick up a photograph of someone you love, running your fingers over the edges of that image, it becomes more than what it physically is; a piece of paper. When you sit with your heart and remember the love, of everything that picture means to you, nothing else in the world is more valuable. Perhaps it is the day your child was born, a timeless image of you and your children, your parent or even yourself long ago, imagery is what we have to guide our memories of this precious and fragile life.

I could go on here in the “meet Leona” section and talk about how I went to school to learn the art of photography, the technical side, lighting, posing and my humble beginnings of picking up my first camera. But that’s not really what it’s about.

It is about creating images. You create the memories and I will capture them artistically and authentically. The photography session is the vehicle for you to receive the most valuable and tangible product you can have.

It is also about how you feel. I make a photography session a beautiful moment for and about you, an experience that puts you at ease, indulges your senses and gives you something tangible to hold and treasure.

The video above and picture below are of me and my son. How important will these images be to me next week, next month, when he is a young man or when I am an old woman looking back on my life? These portraits will be far more important than any other treasures I have.

That’s what I am about. That is what image making is about. I invite you to a personal session with me. I want to take the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself, your family and those you love.

Photo of Leona Darnell with son