LA or bust!

So y’all. So I have packed my bags, loaded up my kiddo and have ridden off into the proverbial sunset they cal Los Angeles. To be more specific; Burbank. I LOVE my cozy little spot located just under the big B.

I am working diligently on making my space perfect for a little studio for headshots. It will be just the right amount of natural light combined with strobe to make images leap off the page, shake those casting directors and agents by the collar and make them take notice. I am also combing the area for fabulous outdoor locations as well.

For bigger shoots for families and those high flying dancers, I have checked out a number of studios in my area. I have narrowed it down to one in Burbank and one in Glendale. Plenty of space for shooting on various backgrounds, perfect little make up and hair stations, private dressing areas and well equipped bathrooms. I am so excited to start my new journey here.

Here is a recent senior shoot. Both stills and video. This young lady was not only photogenic, but she shone with such an inner light. She was free, life affirming, smart and oh so fun.


Till then sweet friends,




The video below is Kristie’s senior portrait experience. Her high school portraits were shot in studio and outdoors. I love adding video into the experience, so not only do you have portraits, but you also have a little video that you can treasure always.

**Remember, to view in full screen, click the little box thing in the lower right corner.


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