There was so much about this beautiful woman that set my heart aflutter! She called me back when she wasn’t showing much and we talked all about dress choice, hair, makeup and location.

See, when you really plan out a shoot down to the very jewelry worn, the images go from good to fabulous.  She really listened when I gave her choices of places to buy maternity dresses…ones that will really pop off the page.  Ones that will flatter not only her curves, but her skin tone. I drew out locations with those dresses in mind.

What elevates photography, in my opinion, is getting to know the person the images are for. What is their style and what will make them happy? What are they looking to frame and remember for the rest of their life?  What touches their soul? Take those ideas, mentally see where those images will come to fruition and execute what your mind envisions.

This woman was more than beautiful. Mothers to be have an intangible quality to them. It’s something that can’t quite be explained. Seeing a woman radiate with pregnancy shows that the world is still right even when terrible things happen all around us. There is something hopeful in a woman who will soon be a mother.

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