Missing In Action?

I did take a 30 day hiatus…a roadtrip around the country with my favorite 3 year old. We went camping literally across the United States. Keep in mind, I am NOT a camper. I have never camped in my life before now. Well, that’s not entirely true…there was a time my mom took m camping (she wasn’t a camper either) in the Oregon mountains. A friend dropped us off in the woods. I was 12 and hated it thoroughly. She mistakenly put the tent atop a yellow jacket nest in the ground and well I just lost it. We were unarmed in bear country. We froze and were scared to death. Starving and depleted of all spirit, we made it through the night. Our friend came and got us the next day and that was the end of my camping…until now.

I swore I would teach my little one to camp, to reply on our wits, to enjoy the outdoors. The first  night was just awful. I could not get the tent up. It was 105 degrees in Arizona and I literally started to cry. I think we both had a touch of heat stroke. I could have (and thought about it endlessly!) given up and found a hotel for the night, but what kind of example to my would that make?

We zizagged from California to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and then Florida. Then up through Georgia, across Tennessee, Kentucky and up through Illinois and¬†Wisconsin and across Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. After spending a good deal of time in Northern Idaho, back down through Washington, Oregon and back to California. Whew…that made me tired just typing it.

Here are some images both with my “real” camera and with my cell phone…

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  1. Boris says:

    Wow, these are some truly amazing photos! That’s quite the road trip you had. I hope you enjoyed it. Which state did you like the best?

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