Birth of baby Paige

After getting the call, I jumped up, grabbed my camera bag, my keys and a BIG mug of coffee and was off to Dignity Health French Hospital Medical Center in San Luis Obispo. This was momma’s second baby and I just had a feeling little Paige was going to enter the world quickly. How wrong I was.

Pacing the halls and visiting the cafeteria for the umpteenth time (how much coffee can my body hold was the name of the game that night), momma was told to go home and come back the next morning to be induced.

This is the life of a San Luis Obsipo birth photographer!

My Spidey sense still told me that baby Paige was going to come quick. I went as close to induction time as possible. Still baby Paige was reluctant to come. I actually did find out that 5 cups of coffee was my limit. I also found out that hospital cheeseburgers are really not so bad. 6 hours in and still no closer than she was last night, I grabbed a newspaper, yet another sandwich and sat down making the corner of the cafeteria my new home. It was home for about 5 seconds when I got a text “baby’s coming soon!”. Gathering up my stuff and headed down the hall where I was met with a room full of nurses and an incredible momma holding it together with no epidural.

What strength this woman has, I thought. Her husband never leaving her side and her little one year old daughter being passed around from nurse to nurse as momma pushed with everything she had. Once she started pushing for real, baby Paige had come fast…I mean really fast. Little Paige, her parents newest addition, a little sister, a niece and a granddaughter came into this world with mighty lungs. As I write this, I am sure she gets that strength from her incredible momma.1 7 16 35 39 40 42 48 49 51 59 67 71 73 74 87 90 93 117 125 126 145 154 158 160 163 177 182 185 210 213



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  1. Boris says:

    Wow, these are great! Are the parents happy with the photos too? After seeing some photos like this, I’m starting to understand the appeal of them.

    Great work!

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