Senior portrait in Cambria

The class of 2017 is enjoying the summer days getting ready to embark on their final semester of high school. Oh boy, how I remember those days!

Soon, August will draw to an end, Back to School commercials will bombard our daily lives and the new senior class will be researching Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat looking for their photographer to take that ever important senior portrait.

Living in Cambria, I am so blessed to have amazing backdrops. Honestly, in many cases I just step out my front door and walk down the street for a minute and I have amazing views of the ocean, wild grasses of our local ranch, amazing monterey pines and stunning oaks. We have rocky shores, old buildings and gorgeous orchards as well.  This is not to say I don’t love doing senior portraits in my studio…I get fabulous light, but there is something fresh an invigorating about outdoor senior portraits.

Here is Jacob…an amazing young man. He was my last 2016 graduate I photographed. I am ready to take on the new season with fresh ideas and glorious locales!

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